Different types of invitations, both printed and digital. From baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. I will upload both new and old elements here to show different print possibilities and designs.  
Here's a wedding suggestion I made for a couple with a typographic setup very minimalistic and clean, but also romantic. Together with the map that the bride had made of the location. This is just a suggestion (my favorite) but not what was chosen for the final setup.  
This cute baby shower idea was to showcase that baby sis is coming to the world! In a beautiful pink hue, typographic, and with rose petals. Made with a Facebook picture for the event, round big cards for the plates, and small place cards (with tassels on them), placed in the champagne glass. Girly and fun!
This is an old invitation I made years ago for a friend who was expecting a baby boy. So the baby shower invitation is made of blue paper with white ink on it. A fun combination that's not too overly sweet but a bit more cool and rough. I used a bold heading together with a pattern consisting of typical baby items. 
This idea was to celebrate with shells, sand, and a coastal feel to the birthday and play on the lettering SHELL-ebrate. A fun and playful idea that worked well with the decorations (a lot of shells!) and idea. I used a clamshell and pastel background together with a whimsical font to give it that girly vibe.  

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