My name is Lone Bru Kjær, a 31 year old living in Oslo and have been doing so for about 10 years now. I am a Graphic designer and love to work within a creative field and I feel so lucky to have found my passion in life. 

Another passion of mine has always been to take pictures (lots of pictures). So I found blogging a good way of sharing them and expressing myself through writing. Therefore I wanted my new platform to be combined with both my blog and my portfolio. 

To see my portfolio you just need to hit the button up in the right corner.

I’m originally from Stathelle further south in Norway but moved here to explore life outside of my hometown. I love to experience the capitol and the big-city-life even though Oslo isn’t really that much of a big city.

I work from home, in cafés or inhouse with clients. I have been working as a freelancer since 2015 and enjoy the challenges and benefits by working on my own. The one thing I miss the most with working in a office, is the people within it. So if you need an consultant for an amount of time I’m the first to be interested in that. 

In my freetime I see myself as a wanderlust by traveling the world and gain cultural insights as well as getting in touch with nature. Because of that I’m also open to assignments abroad.